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8 years ago

227's™ YouTube Chili'-Boise State Statue Of Liberty-Tostitos Fiesta Bowl 2007-BCS - NBA Mix

Jamaal Al-Din
227's™ YouTube Chili'-Boise State Statue Of Liberty-Tostitos Fiesta Bowl 2007-NBA Mix - Jamaal Chili' Al-Din's Hoops 227 *** Statue of Liberty play
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The Statue of Liberty is a trick play in American football.


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Execution of the play

Although many variations of the play exist, the most common involves the quarterback taking the snap from the center, dropping back, and gripping the ball with two hands as if he were to throw. He then places the ball behind his back with his non-throwing hand, while pump faking a throw to one side of the field. While his arm is still in motion during the fake throw, he hands the ball off behind his back to a running back or a wide receiver in motion, who runs the football to the opposite side of the field. The objective is to trick the defense out of position, leaving them unable to catch up with the runner as he moves in the direction opposite to the fake.

The play is named after the positioning of the quarterback as he hands the ball off. If done correctly, he should have one hand in the air and the other at his side, resembling the pose of the Statue of Liberty. When executed properly, the Statue of Liberty is a very deceptive and high-yardage play. However, the coordination of motions required is difficult, and failure may lead to a fumble, sack, or lost yardage. Additionally, disciplined defenses may be able to spot the fake.
History of the play