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6 years ago|24.2K views

1958 - Buchanan Rides Alone - Randoph Scott

Westerns Only - Charles L Dick Jr
Tom Buchanan, Randolph Scott, is a West Texan who has been in Mexico as a mercenary and now has enough money to go back to start his own ranch; unfortunately this soldier of fortune chooses the border town of Agry as his poiint of re-entry. The town is run and owned by a clan who's name is - Agry and they are as crooked as the Snake River!? So when Tom crosses the border he is first robbed by each establishment that he enters and then he is arrested and robbed of all his real money that they didn't find the first time and then framed to be tried for murder with the son of a Mexican Land baron who came to the border town to avenge his sister who was violated by, you guessed it, the youngest of the Agrys'. All these events take place during the first 15 minutes and from there the twists and turns are a varied as the number of crooked Agrys - It seems...!
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