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Eurotrip: Hitch Hiking

5 years ago|284.1K views
This was a deleted scene, that was only seen as extra materials in the DVD releases.
There were a couple of scenes that were cut, i would think: because, they centered around Cooper's interest in Jenny, and, perhaps made the character come off as too desperate and fixated to match the hipster/slacker identity insinuated by the work calls, and his general "laid back" demeanor.
I also might suspect, since the two most notable deleted scenes center around highlighting Michelle Trachtenberg's "girl next door" appeal of the time, they shot and produced these scenes to make B-roll for trailers, and, to have bonus scenes to offer for DVD sales.
If you look closely (which you probably will) you will notice a strip of black tape on Trachtenberg in the long shot. This could have to help secure a lavaliere microphone, and they forgot to remove it for the shot, or........If i was to get conspiracy minded: a "marker" for "blocking", since Trachtenberg may have established a contractual boundary considering certain things being seen.
Possible, however, in the layman's opinion of this up-loader, when your already doing this type of movie, that is obviously marketing on a recognizable youth entertainment star being of age, we're deep in semantics territory at this point.
You might even go as far to say: when you are dealing with over a decade ago, before being able to see clips like this online was common, many people may have purchased, or rented the DVD having been sold something that was not there.
After the public quickly caught on to Trachtenberg's "limits" with regard to such things, her "type" changed, to being more of a "sarcastic" "ironic"......"goth"? character actress, rather than the "fun loving" "out going" lead, which was the direction this movie was taking the actress. Ice Princess perhaps being an exception, although; That was more like aftershock from the Nickelodeon days, and, even then: that character was still somewhat of a "loner outcast" type, or, at least within Disney movie standards.