Harindhar Reddy - All Fools Paradise (A Life Poem)

  • 9 years ago
An infant grew into a kid with joy
The Kid developed into a school boy
The Boy matured as a Youth,
The Same youth turned into a scholar
Ha! Ha! Scholar is climbing a ladder!

The Scholar became a poet bold,
The poet became a teacher for dollar!
The teacher flew a marathon, aftermath,
Having armed Ferric sword and shield of gold!
Ha! Ha! Poet is fighting for a ladder!

With the knowledge at his side!
Tomfoolery from the other side,
The poet fought a losing battle,
With loser as a title!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Poet is falling from a ladder!

In this world of plastic smiles with no emotions,
Yet smear their face with tons of lotions and potions!
In this world of artificiality, when the fools run a day,
Living with Knowledge is not a way!
Ha! Ha! Ha! The fool is sitting on a ladder!

Harindhar Reddy