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cheung shun sang - 1-1-1 A cauchy3 poem

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1-1-1 A Cauchy3 poem

Preen the collar for your good exists.

Display the wants on honors of justices.

Allocate a share of good minds.

Marks are gain for styles and successes.

Saving ji Roll but beg for a penny.

Who is ji Roll and who is Plato.

Swords are swore words of pens.

They are bills that print on two corners.

Higher goals are diverted forms.

Displaced manners are active thinking.

Bibles rules out mollified forces.

Pep talks are armors for kings.

Bebel s charges are paid by turns.

Devices and Trilogy are sputum in jugs.

Noble green but not Lapis Lazuli!

Bear flag revolt is cut.

No plots are stakes in jugs of pots.

A Spanish coffee and a China tea!

Ditch of songs and pitch for bowls!

Knock away all unwanted balls from earths.

Swap two lucks are lands to pre-empt.

Swap two eras are themes for verses.

High and low pressures will flight.

Histories are the rays and we loan lights.

Not all principals are marbles stones.

Not all animals flee when killed.

Not all poems are in realms.

Not all papacies are for each.

Computing algorithms are not yes man.

Protocols are laws in adjusted cons.

Ionized politics are not ways to desalt.

Patriot is a client of right or wrong.

Dictator is the devil of some due.

Classes reformed are laws by fraud.

Far reach hands are all armed.

Sharks are not feed on fish scales.

--Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

cheung shun sang

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cheung shun sang - 1-1-1 A cauchy3 poem
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