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cheung shun sang - 2-abash of pope and politics by cauchy3

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2-abush of pope and politic (poem)

Pope believe the powers of god (Hong Kong)

They have hauteur for bad or good

They know the good taunts to leasers

Now they disobey by praying leer

Governor is just head in jack box

How the pope has to play through

Trash around and shrink their protests

They just pray to stay on post

Left heart is strong in diastole

Right hand has forceful orders

God fix our dices to stand

Dickens control our times in watches

We pray the cats not to drunk

We pray for no dido to run

Pray for baby boomers of rats

Pray for tricks with bad capes

Might God give tickets like slips?

Might rats close their lips?

But now the controls of powers are slides

Plans for general polls are idling

Gods save the worlds as selected

Dab hands are use to delay

Adjusters bilk compromises with threats

Belly gods have churches in feasts

Laughers are pin heads in powers

Silly Billy did not make proves

General polls and referendums have costs

Referrals by Dickens are passes to gods
--poem on politics by Cheung Shun Sang=cauchy3--

cheung shun sang

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cheung shun sang - 2-abash of pope and politics by cauchy3
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