Stephen Roxborough - one lazy afternoon we share

  • 10 years ago
an xcellent blue orange and happily
discover we both suffer from

i disease but what is it really?
what brought it on? could it be we spend
too much time with computers?

did aliens abduct us (again) transplant
special vision? did we forget our minds
ears and hearts? is society under

a mass hallucination or addiction to
pleasures of the i? are terrorists polluting
our air because they know the enemy

must eventually wake up? some days
are harder than others some days oozing
mucus glues our i shut

other days needles prick our pupils
when we feel filings from steel mines
lodged between lid and cornea

no amount of i wash can rinse away
the grit and grind what is this and why?
my i wants to know is it karma

or culture? is it contagious or coincidence?
i disease knows no social political religious
or economic boundary so watch out

it may invade improve your illusions
and reduce insight to the universal way
things work when youre not looking

Stephen Roxborough