Parvarish Ep - 03 - 14th October 2014

  • 10 years ago
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Everything in life depends on upbringing and a mother is usually the foundation that a home is built upon. ‘Parvarish‘ depicts the story under the same line where the mother has the hold over the family and her children become the victims of her erroneous upbringing which reflects in their personalities notably.

The journey of ‘Parvarish‘ revolves around the struggle of all the three children of the family in their personal lives where they are facing hurdles because of the way they have been raised up.

Director: Mohsin Mirza

Writer: Maimuna Khursheed


Azfar Rehman
Sidra Batool
Annum Fayyaz
Mahmood Akhtar
Sundas Tariq
Saba Faisal
Babar Khan
Naveed Raza
Firdous Jamal
Seemi Pasha and others.

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