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MLP:FiM S4 E21 - Testing Testing, 1, 2, 3

5 years ago|298 views
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Twilight worries that Rainbow Dash is underprepared for a test on the history of the Wonderbolts as part of her entrance exam to join the Wonderbolts Reserves. She tries to tutor Rainbow using standard academic methods, but Rainbow proves too bored and restless to pay any attention. Their friends offer to help Rainbow study through other unique means, only for Rainbow to become overwhelmed by their clashing methods and arguing on whose method is best. While flying with her to try to cheer her up, Twilight discovers that Rainbow is able to subconsciously memorize anything going on around her while she is airborne. Under Twilight's direction, everyone in Ponyville reenacts the Wonderbolts' history as Rainbow obliviously flies over the town, allowing her to retain everything and ace the exam.