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6 years ago|1.2K views

Bus commuters pranked by fake airline safety announcements

Ramolo Claudio
What would it be like if there was an airplane style safety speech on the bus? The team from 'SNiPERMUSIC TV' dressed up as authentic steward and stewardess', boarded a bus in London, England, brought in a megaphone, and even offered some 'in-flight' snacks and towels! Bus Etiquette: 1. Carry on items should be stowed under your seat. 2. Don't block the window seat! 3. There is no free wi-fi, talk to each other. 4. If you need to make a call, keep your voice down. 5. Avert from making eye contact with strangers (unless you intend to talk) 6. Don't give up your seat for anyone, if they made it upstairs they can stand. (top deck only) 7. There is only 1 emergency exit. 8. No smoking (unless you're a tough guy) 9. To alight, press the red button just before your stop. 10. You can not get off the bus mid-ride (unless you're a spice) 11. You must secretly film any fights, racism or people falling over. 12. Store young children in the big gap with no seats. Bus Steward: Search 'MimShake'. Bus Stewardess: Search 'JodieAnneTaylor'.
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