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더 테러 라이브 (The Terror Live, 2013) 2차 예고편 (2nd Trailer)

há 5 anos|36 views
http://filmow.com/deo-tereo-raibeu-t82370 Yoon Young-Hwa (Ha Jung-Woo) is a former popular TV anchorman, but due to an unsavory incident works now as a radio show host.
One day, a listener calls in to the radio program and states that "I will blow up the Mapodaegyo Bridge."
At first, the call is taken as a joke, but soon they realize it is real.
The incident is then broadcast live on TV for the next 90 minutes.
Yoon Young-Hwa believes this incident is his chance to get back to being an anchorman.
The situation quickly turns worse. Deo Tereo Raibeu The Terror Live