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Harmony of chaos

citoyen du monde
il y a 12 ans|882 vues
"harmony of chaos"

a story for Mr Mercury

story about: Irak-France-usa (especialy the "Irak SUrvey group mission" about the announce of Irak have not chimic weapon from 1991)if an allusion is possible ,this matter on center describe a form of atrocity beetween all is war .

let me know what you think ,robert ?

video made in 2004 DMode gfix
(only alchemy and light efx edit)

music by

Robert marsh voice,synthetics (usa)
Stikytox Daff (percussion Irak)
O)(m bowed Steel ,FLute (France)

additionnal tracks larsen lupin (silent war)

Mix and edit by o)(m 2007


erreur de lettrage pour le (y) de harmony lors de l'enregistrement de cette premiere version)
pas tres grave lol