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The Wanderers - A film by Christine Bouteiller

After surviving 30 years of war and being refugees for 15 years, 380 000 Cambodians were repatriated in 1992 from the Thai borders refugee camps to their homeland. Some of them were resettled in villages built for them by the United Nations.

How can a society rebuild itself after such a traumatic scattering ? "Those who never left" were suspicious and saw the massive arrival of these exiled families as a threat to their land and equilibrium. The villagers gave to these former refugees a nickname still used today : the wanderers.

In a world of 26 millions of displaced people, the Wanderers try in their own way – slowly but surely – to survive and to reintegrate while fighting for their children’s future. This film is a tribute to their resiliency. “ We didn't die, we live in a few rows of houses at the outskirt of the village, a place known as “the camp”. We are the Wanderers, those who have lost their path.”
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