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Sun to rise from the west soon

5 years ago|8 views
Imam Muhammad ibn Hasan Al Askari Al Mahdi pbuh wrote:

'In the name of Allah The Merciful, The true to his promise in what he promises as he told his Prophet(sawas) in what awaits the nations of the latter and so it was said unto him that they would number in ten of the great wonders of his signs with no distinction to discriminate not one from all creatures from punishment before the establishment of The Eternal seat of Justice would forever prevail

Listen O' mankind and hear what the spirit of truth must say unto you, for the lamb which was slain has been proven worthy to shed away the seals. This here revelation is in conformity with that which we have prepared long ago and his rise has been one done falsely to rule you O' mankind who have not placed your trust before me as your one and only lord, we speak about your greatest fears coming for you in every corner of the world.

To the discerning listen close and take heed for the Hour has come and is warning you so listen to me, It is I whom speaks now to you, the first and most dreadful signs from your lord shall be complete with the rise of the sun from the west imminently.

To the caring, care for yourselves and listen now attentively to its interpretation.

The sun is the Antichrist, the great god of the pagans whom shall rise from mystery babylon (the west) which is america the harlot of many nations and take his seat now from Israel with a horrendous act perpetrated in order to conduce it.

This act which shall be done will give way to a new nation from underneath the rubble from which the harlot shall be trampled and never rise once more.

This carefully orchestrated invasion shall seduce the masses to give away all their rights into enslavement and its location is none other then behind an event from which the phoenix will rise and take away all nations and bring them to the feet and helm of the false messiah before the incarnate return.

It is not to cause fear that we say this but prepare now for there lay no escape from our promise come true that not one would delay our cause or escape it by lagging behind or moving ahead of it to become its avoiding generation once its time was due for requital.

O' Ansars, it is me whom speaks to you the lamb of your lord whom was slain and resurrected and taken away from the dead to reside with him in my kingdom among the heavens, I have returned but now as the son of man whom drew close to you as your guide rightly guiding you to this secret as mentioned.

Tell them whom would listen that this is the calm before the storm and tell them firmly that the word has spoken among many other things.' Al Haq Hashem

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