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World’s 10 Most Bizarre Beaches

Geo Beats
Geo Beats
5 years ago|1.7K views
Here are 10 of the world’s most bizarre beaches.

If you feel your local beach has become ho-hum, consider checking out one of these.

Here are 10 of the world’s most bizarre beaches.

Number 10. Glass Beach, California. The shore of Fort Bragg was a dumping ground until the end of the 1960s. Since then, much of the glass that was tossed away has been smoothed out by the ocean and washed up on shore.

Number 9. Flying Fish Cove Beach, Christmas Island. Stop by in October or November to witness the migration of thousands of red crabs. Their annual journey across Christmas Island is large enough to shut down streets.

Number 8. Hot Water Beach, New Zealand. Below the sand, visitors will find natural mineral water that’s heated to a toasty 150 degrees. Dig a hole and voila – instant hot tub. Just make sure you get there at the beginning or end of low tide.

Number 7. Crosby Beach, England. This landscape is dotted by 100 anatomically correct cast-iron human figures, all of which look outwards to sea. The artwork is called ‘Another Place’ and was made by sculptor Antony Gormley.

Number 6. Cow Beach, Goa. At this waterside hotspot, the bovines can roam and frolic as they wish. Travelers don’t seem the least bit phased by the potential sanitation issues the cows present, and flock to the beach in droves.

Number 5. Bowling Ball Beach, California. The attraction earned the name from its groupings of rocks that are amazingly rounded and resemble bowling balls lined up at an alley. They were formed over years of tides washing away their softer exterior layers, leaving only the hardened centers.

Number 4. 75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island. Part beach, part airplane landing strip, this Australian coastal stretch has densely packed white sand that makes it suitable for a number of uses.

Number 3. Kamilo Beach, Hawaii. Polluted and not really a desirable hangout, this section of the Big Island’s coast has recently become an even sadder spectacle. It’s now heavily populated with plastic rocks.

Number 2. Papakōlea Beach, Hawaii. Anybody wanting a change from white sand beaches should definitely check out the green expanse that is this Hawaiian getaway. Located far off the beaten path, the beach’s unique color comes from the olivine crystals that were deposited by volcanic lava.

Number 1. Scala dei Turchi, Sicily. The white cliffs adjacent to this beach are stunning due to their unique color, but also handy. Mother Nature was thoughtful enough to carve steps into them, making climbing up and down the embankment a snap.

What’s the strangest beach you’ve ever been to?