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Sandro Joyeux - Sa golo

il y a 4 ans73 views



Sandro Joyeux

Globetrotter musician, Sandro Joyeux builds a bridge between French song and world rhythms, mixes music made of travels, dance, and sharing. Sandro's concerts are journeys through the desert rhythms and the dusty roads of West Africa, the Parisian banlieue and the Jamaican ghettos. His songs talk about far away cities, tell of stories of soldier children, villages, of endangered rivers and forests. Being a one man band and devoted to hitchhiking, during various years he managed to play in different parts of the world, from Brooklyn to Bamako, in disparate situations, getting to know other musicians and masters who enriched his musical style. His inspiration strongly devoted to narrate a world that migrates and changes makes his message important and present.

Thanks to:
Bifalo Kouyate - Antonio Ragosta - Sergio Dileo - Giovanni Mamadì Maione - Inoussa Dembelè - Paki Palmieri - Fabio Renzullo



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Sandro Joyeux - Sa golo
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