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Alexandra Motschmann - Discrimination

4 yıl önce58 views

All around the world we still are confronted
with a sort of discrimination
we are almost wonted
with this human humiliation.

In some cultures women are not allowed to drive
in others they are sold
a great profit to deprive
which remains untold.

In some places poor people are less than the rich
they use the side entrance
seldom apply to Cambridge
what an amazing misbalance.

In some countries gays are tortured to death
for what they love and feel
I am struggling for breath
what an insane common weal.

In some areas they build up huge walls
not tolerating other religions
millions of fireballs
to protect their regions.

The list of anti-discrimination acts is long
and we will never cease
to be bold and strong
discrimination to decrease.

Alexandra Motschmann

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Alexandra Motschmann - Discrimination
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