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NaNa Nana - Imagination

4 yıl önce575 views

Got my thoughts flowing. As I sit here and think about you, I hear your voice but its not clear. Ive heard it many times, I know its my imagination taking me somewhere I dont belong. I try to fill that emptiness with others but they dont understand. Some might look at me weird, Some might take it the wrong way. By now I really dont know what to say, SHould I cry on my own or look for the shoulder to cry on, Should I show my emotions or just fight them. Little by little you take me away, as I sit here thinking about you the whole day. I feel your warmth that I havent felt in years and lonely I feel when I realize your really not here. How long is this going to be, because now your just making it harder for me. Go away and fly within paradise. Your set free, play with the clouds go with the wind. Travel for hours thru day and night. Feel the rain drops and play like you were a child again. Take all these memories with you, because I dont know how much longer I can resist.

NaNa Nana

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NaNa Nana - Imagination
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