Dr. Oz endorses colloidal silver & probiotics

  • 10 years ago
Colloidal Silver: A Holistic Cure (from the Dr. Oz TV episode: "The Best Advice I Ever Got")

Colloidal silver is a natural and effective broad-spectrum antibiotic, antifungal and
agent. As this episode of Dr. Oz verifies, colloidal silver is an actual "cure", as opposed to drugs, that for the most part only treat symptoms.

Colloidal silver consists of silver atoms suspended in distilled ion-less water. The particles of silver are small enough to penetrate on a cellular level and destroy pathogens of all types, including bacteria, fungal spores, parasites, and viruses.

Not only does silver get rid of pathogens, it helps promote rapid healing of the tissues infected or destroyed. Most burn centers use various forms of silver and silver soaked bandaging for burn victims.

Colloidal silver can be purchased online, in a health food store, or made at home cheaply and easily. This alternative to potentially harmful drugs has many applications and is easy to apply. It has no adverse side effects when used properly. It leaves beneficial bacteria intact. Reports of argyria (skin turning blue) are greatly exaggerated. The medical industry makes a habit of blowing up rare incidents of minor adverse effects from natural remedies and using them as scare tactics, while ignoring the hundreds of thousands of annual adverse side effects from prescribed pharmaceuticals.

9 ways to use colloidal silver for self-healing:

1) You can spray it onto burns to prevent infections and promote faster healing without scarring.

2) You can also spray or dab it onto ringworm, boils, herpes sores, and warts for faster healing.

3) If you're having bronchial problems or walking pneumonia, you can put some colloidal silver in a nebulizer and breathe it into your bronchial area and lungs directly.

4) Small amounts taken daily as a tonic will give what some call a second immune system to guard against flues and colds. Easy and inexpensive if you make if you make your own.

5) Colloidal silver drops can be used for ear infections without any harmful side effects. Some use it for eye and nasal infections as well. Perhaps it can be injected anally with an enema bulb to help cleanse the colon.

6) It can be applied topically for vaginal yeast infections or oral thrush (yeast infection). Could be useful for chronic jock itch as well.

7) It can be taken early with the onset of a cold, flu, or bronchitis to get over it quickly without harming beneficial bacteria. Antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria.

8) Colloidal silver can be used successfully to combat MRSA infections. (a staph infection that can be fatal and is now resistant to antibiotics). It usually occurs during hospital stays, but has become rampant enough to originate outside hospitals.

9) There has been some success using colloidal silver with AIDS patients. It adds a layer of needed additional immunity while destroying existing pathogens.