The Two Princesses By Khalil Gibran - The Wanderer - Parable

  • 10 years ago
'The Two Princesses' is a parable from Khalil Gibran's last book named,'The Wanderer'.
'The Wanderer', the final book by Khalil Gibran is a classic consisting of 52 parables and sayings. This book was first published in the year 1932 by Alfred A. Knopf. This book,'The Wanderer', is considered to be amongst Khalil Gibran's finest works.

Voice Over Artist - Supriya Kapoor
VFX Producer - Shravan Shah
Content Producer - Sreejoni Nag

In the city of Shawakis lived a prince, and he was loved by everyone, men and women and children. Even the animals of the field came unto him in greeting.
But all the people said that his wife, the princess, loved him not; nay, that she even hated him.
And upon a day the princess of a neighboring city came to visit the princess of Shawakis. And they sat and talked together, and their words led to their husbands.
And the princess of Sharakis said with passion, "I envy you your happiness with the prince, your husband, though you have been married these many years. I hate my husband. He belongs not to me alone, and I am indeed a woman most unhappy."
Then the visiting princess gazed at her and said, "My friend, the truth is that you love your husband. Aye, and you still have him for a passion unspent, and that is life in woman like unto Spring in a garden. But pity me, and my husband, for we do but endure one another in silent patience. And yet you and others deem this happiness."