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Let's Play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game, Scene 5

6 years ago|4 views
Welcome back to Let's Play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game for the NES.

The Turtles have reached the Rock Quarry Factory, only to see Master Splinter being carted away by a team of Mousers! April was bad enough; now that they've gone after Splinter, they want BLOOD!!

From a gaming standpoint, this run could not have gone much worse if I had wanted it to. Of all the stages, this is the one where the game just decided it was NOT going to let me use Special Attacks, leading to dangerously low health by the time I got to the Tubular Transports in the middle of the stage. Most of those slash attacks in the opening sections of the stage, such as where one attack hit three Karate Soldiers in one blow? Yeah, those should have been Special Attacks. Same goes for the Jump Kick where I get knocked back to the ground by a Foot Soldier's own Jump Kick after I get on top of the walkway with the laser cannons.

You get introduced to a brand-new enemy in this stage called a Flipper. This is a walking mechanical tripod that fires energy waves similar to those emitted from Bebop's gun back in Scene 2. You MUST Special Attack them just as they become vulnerable; if you miss even one or two of them, it's going to be a near-impossible feat to get out alive.

As for the afore-mentioned Tubular Transports, try to damage a couple of them just as they all emerge from the transport module, then finish them with Jump Kicks. Watch their shadows as guidance on how to aim. This was another section where a couple of Special Attacks didn't want to work.

The rest of the stage thereafter is pretty straightforward, though the Roadkill Rodneys present in the arcade version have been removed. Make sure that you jump in between the two Laser Poles at the end so that neither of them can hit you. It's then just a matter of bashing them until they short out and stop moving. And I really DID want to save that pizza a little longer during the boss fight...

The strategy I use against Granitor at the end of the level is almost identical to how I beat him in the arcade version. You want to swing your weapon as he approaches you, moving up and down through him as he gets close. Unlike in the arcade, however, you're not fast enough to just walk through him after a hit, so jump instead. Just move up and down on the screen, timing your attacks to hit him just as he reaches you. When you reach the top or bottom, jump through him and do it again. If you do get knocked away, be sure to try to jump as soon as you get up so you aren't hit by his flame thrower. Once he explodes into a pile of pebbles, Splinter will be freed, and you will move on to Shredder's new dojo, home of the second intergalactic bounty hunter, Shogun.

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