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P11 : Finance Training For Managers - M114 : Tools and profitability analysis ratios

Action on Line
il y a 5 ans|17 vues
More informations on : http://www.actiononline.fr/parcours/finance-pour-managers/

Learning goals:
1- Be able to determine the essential figures from the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement for the economic and financial analysis of the company
2- Understand the issues of the financial analysis
3- Know the main Income Statement Balances

- Introduction
- The activity ratios
- The risk analysis ratios
- Conclusion
- Quiz - Tools and profitability analysis ratios

A word from the author
"The financial statements are a comparison of 2 or several financial periods (balance sheet, profit and loss statement and accounting notes), in order to determine the financial health of the company.
In most cases, the financial analyst has to comment the financial independence, the financial balance, liquidity, profitability, as well as the value added of the company.
Theses figures are mostly based on ratios.
The financial strength is at the heart of the head executive concerns because it is a main factor of the sustainability of the company."

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