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Lyapis Trubetskoy - Capital

il y a 11 ans859 views



Higher Quality here :


Lyrics (roughly):
(finded here : http://videos.antville.org/stories/1608433/#comments )

I eat gold bricks for lunch,
and for dessert diamonds with cream of crude.

My name is Beelzebub, the master of the stratosphere,
I am unbelievably cool and commonly respected.

In my left hand a Snickers, in my right hand a Mars.
My PR manager is Karl Marx.

Capital! Capital! Capital! Capital!

My face is Madonna, all filled with rotten pears.
All kneel! The orchestra play a flourish!

Capital! Capital! Capital! Capital!

I eat cities and drink the seas.
My beard obscures the sky:
thunder and lightning, fog and rain.
Ministers and chiefs, they lick my boots.

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Lyapis Trubetskoy - Capital
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