Roller-skating coach quits after skating drunk through highway tunnel

  • 10 years ago
A famous roller-skating coach was caught staking while drunk through the Hsuehshan Tunnel (雪山隧道), the longest tunnel in Taiwan, which connects Taipei and Ilan.

Yang Chia-hsiang (楊嘉祥), 44, has represented Taiwan in all kinds of international roller skating competitions. According to the police, he attended a dinner party with his wife in Ilan and had more than a few drinks. The couple had an argument while returning to Taipei, which caused Yang to hop out of the car and leave on his roller skates.

Passengers who witnessed this reported the incident to the traffic police. Police chased after Yang over a distance of 1.7 km. Yang received a fine of more than US$100 for violating the Act Governing Punishments for Violations of Road Traffic Regulations.

He spent a night at the police station after his wife told the police that she could not prevent the same thing from happening again.


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