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Here's the never-seen-before full, uncut feature pilot episode of super high quality drama series THE OVERNIGHT FAME OF STEFFI MCBRIDE - superstar Jamal Edwards (SBTV) with an all star cast including SUGABABE Jade Ewen, Asian R&B sensation Arjun, Lee Boardman and Jasmine Breinburg - and original soundtrack featuring Wiley, Skepta, Becky Hill and Ceezlin.

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STEFFI (http://bit.ly/13KGVpi) is a brand new, music based drama series starring Jasmine Breinburg (Danny Boyle's Olympic Ceremony), Jamal Edwards (YouTube and Google Chrome Star, Owner of SBTV), Lee Boardman (ITV's GREAT NIGHT OUT) and Jade Ewen (SUGABABES), featuring an all star cast and brilliant UK Urban music soundtrack featuring Mic Righteous, Wiley and Ceezlin.

View an exclusive video for Mic Righteous track "FIND ME" from the STEFFI soundtrack now on sbtv: http://bit.ly/XTG1Wf

STEFFI has been produced in super high, HD broadcast quality - you can select HD (1080P) setting to watch all our videos.

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