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7 years ago

Virginity Test

Watch the full movie THE ROYAL MAID at this link:

Sino and Kesh are small kingdoms cut out of strong and great Kabali kingdom. The royal wedding of the Princess of Sino and the Prince of Kez is their only breakthrough to totally freedom from the Kabalians. The royal wedding is their key to survival and a brighter future.
The love affair between Prince Izozo of Kesh and Princess Imaiyo of Sino seems to be going on well until the Prince overheard the Princess talk about her feelings for him and he was heartbroken. He found love again not in another royalty but in one of her fearless and beautiful maids; Dialia.
The Princess found this disrespectful and disturbing and all effort to pull them apart proved abortive. The Prince of Kez is ready to damn all consequences for the maid he loves dearly but what seems to be the barrier in their love affair is far greatly than what he can handle.
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