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VICE Travel: Darra, Pakistan

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The VICE Guide To Travel: Darra, Pakistan


One of the more unusual attractions of Pakistan, Darra is the gun factory of the Tribal Areas, located 35 kilometres south of Peshawar on the road to Kohat, a drive of about 40 minutes.

To visit the gun factories, foreigners need a permit from the Home Secretary of NWFP whose office is in the civil Secretariat on Police Road. Apparently the effective control of the government is somewhat limited and it seems to be possible to just go and pay the gun-people some money.

The Darra people are loving people. The take pride in reciving foreign tourists.Take a minibus from Peshawar to Darra (10 Rs, half hour). At Darra you have to leave the bus at the gunman's checkpoint. The gunmen will escort you through the city.

They will show you the factories where guns and bullets are produced. You can shoot a round with an AK47 for free or anything else for more.

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