9 years ago

4x4 Offroad Music Video - Scale & 1:1 - Willowglen Challenge

New video! Woo!

I made a music video type thing!
This is footage from a GoPro Hero placed on our 1:1 Suzuki Comp truck and the little version of it, filmed in and around the Willowglen Challenge in Tarago, NSW, Australia.
There is also some footage from Toperi Challenge 2011 but not much.

This took me about 6 hours to edit.

A new video on a Monday and Friday!
You can like, subscribe and all that other stuff if you want!

I use iMovie and Final cut pro to edit and they work well.

Thanks alot for watching, hope you enjoyed it!

Please visit thecrawlpit.com


Suzuki Sierra Scaler (Superzook):

- Custom Tubework
- Scaler of our 1:1 Comp Truck
- Holmes Hobbies 35T brushed Motor
- Traxxas XL-5 esc
- TSL Super Swamper 1.9 Scale tire
- Proline beadlock rims
- Turnigy GTX3 3chTx/Rx combo
- Wraith Interior

1:1 Suzuki Sierra:
- Custom Barwork
- Range Rover Diffs, Springs and Shafts
- Crawler Reduction Transfer Case Gearing
- Standard 1.3L 1300cc V4 Zook Motor
- Nissan Partol Control arms

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