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Police Brutality? Daniel Johnson says L.A. cops repeatedly used a Taser on his genitals

Twenty-six-year-old Daniel Johnson is suing the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department for using a Taser on his genitals.

Johnson's father, who suffers from various medical conditions, reportedly dropped a cigarette butt on the ground in December 2012.

A neighbour informed Johnson that his dad was being fined for littering, so Johnson went out to try and help.

Cops told them the dad would be fined 1000 dollars for littering and be required to perform community service for the offense.

Johnson says he pleaded with the officers, explaining that their financial condition was such that they couldn't pay the fine. Johnson says he then asked politely if he could pick up the butt and thereby avoid the fine.

Johnson says one of the officers then threw him to the ground and while he was held down, the second officer, identified by NBC LA news as 'Deputy Abdulfattah,' allegedly used a Taser to repeatedly zap him in his private regions.

Johnson says there's no chance it was a misunderstanding or some kind of accidental event, as the officer, he says, looked him straight in the eye as he Tased Johnson's genitalia. Johnson says the attack was so vicious, he could smell smoke from his burnt flesh.

Initial complaints against the officers involved went nowhere, so Johnson has now filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. He says he hopes video or images emerge that can help collaborate his story.


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