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8 years ago

Speed dating in China: Blind dating takes hold in provinces

In the face of cultural pressures that encourage them to get married young, blind dates are quickly becoming quite the phenomenon among 20-somethings in rural Chinese villages, according to an Apple Daily report.

Take this young woman from Henan province in central China identified just by her last name, Kim.

In a speedy attempt to find love before she moves to the southern province of Guangdong for work, she arranged five blind dates in a single day during this past week's Chinese New Year celebrations.

The whirlwind speed-dating circuit left her disoriented and she wasn't even able to remember what her first date looked like by the time she sat down with her final suitor.

Worried (perhaps prematurely) that their 21-year-old son would be single forever, Wang Tao's parents arranged a slew of blind dates for him this past Chinese New Year.

Wang lucked out, though, and fell head over heels for one of the girls he met and the two went from first date to engagement in record time.

Couples aren't the only ones who directly benefit when they find love, though. Match-makers can make a killing each time they successfully pair a couple.

This goes without saying, but there's obviously no guarantee that this trend will necessarily lead to happy marriages, but we wish these couples the best of luck regardless!


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