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Route 181 : fragments d'une journée entre Palestine et Israël (2004) - Trailer

Directed by : Michel Khleifi, Eyal Sivan
Produced by : Momento!
Genre: Documentary - Runtime: 4 h 30 min
French release: 30/06/2004
Production year: 2004

For more than a year, Eyyal Sivan and Michel Khleifi dedicated themselves to making what they consider a cinematic act of faith: a film co-directed by a Palestinian and an Israeli. In order to determine their path, they traced a virtual line on a map, Route 181, following the frontiers of Resolution 181. Adopted by the United Nations, November 29, 1947, this resolution made provision for the partition of Palestine into two states. The two filmmakers pass the film over to the men and women, Israelis and Palestinians that they meet along the way. Each has his or her way of evoking the borders, deeply anchored in the souls of both peoples, which separate them from their neighbors.

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