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California Jumbo Mortgage Rates

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California Jumbo Mortgage Rates - For a custom rate quote call - 949.430-7229. go to:

When searching for the best California Mortgage Rates, it's important to understand that the lower the advertised rate, the tougher it will be to get the rate. Since you live in California, do you remember when Bally's was running commercials on T.V.? You "thought" you could go into a Bally's fitness center and sign up for $5...or $19 down and $19 a month...or $0 enrollment...remember that? That's the same thing the California Lenders do when advertising California Jumbo Mortgage Rates.


Getting back to that Bally's experience (if you don't remember- you have to ask someone it was an experience you can never forget). You walk in feeling confident, and proud to finally start a workout routine and save money!!! Then you walk out...a whole $1000...$150...or at least $100 lighter in the wallet and feeling slimy...used and abused...This is the same thing to think about when you see a ridiculously low California Jumbo Mortgage Rates...The California Jumbo Mortgage lenders advertise the absolute lowest rate...and when they say 30 year rate...it may be amortized over 30 years...but it's usually an adjustable California Jumbo Mortgage Rate...


Keep this in mind when searching for a California Jumbo Mortgage Loan...The advertised rate is more than likely the not the Mortgage rate you will get...Even worse - Your California Jumbo Mortgage Loan may never get done. With the new Mortgage regulations its important to seek out and find the right California Jumbo Mortgage Lender that can get take your loan from start to finish with the least amount or resistance.

Call us today for a FREE California Mortgage Rate Quote. 949-430-7229

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California Jumbo Mortgage Rates
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