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Jess Klein - All I Ever Had

il y a 12 ans289 views

All I Ever Had

I feel like I'm fighting some huge goliath
Sometimes the shadow is all I can see
And it's all I can do to stand here and say this
Please, don't bail on me

You say you don't think I'm doing the right thing
But there's no knowing what one small life brings
And what can I do but stand here and sing
Words that you gave me

All I ever had
All I ever had
All I ever had
Was your love

You're not the only one scared it's too much
Scared I'm a fool to think what I could touch
But I've a feeling believing would change such
If we two can see

Cause nothing is harder than losing the background
And looking the foreground so clear in its face
Where some of the colors will weaken and fade down
Some won't be replaced

All I ever had
All I ever had
All I ever had
Was your love

And if I fall down and no one saves me
That's not the time I need the most
It's when I stand up with my knees shaking
And say please, don't let me go
And say please don't let me go

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Jess Klein - All I Ever Had
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