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7 years ago

Malayalam comedy movie Ice cream clip 29

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Malayalam Movies
"Ice cream" (1986) is a Malayalam Movie of Comedy and Romantic Drama. Directed by Antony Eastman. starring Thilakan, Bharath Gopi, Mammootty, Innocent, Mala Aravindan, Lissy, Ashokan, Shankaradi, philomina & others. This movie is a mixture of unleashed drama throughout. The story line is about the Humorous moments of two ab-normal girls. Rekha & Maya are mental patients. Omanakutan Nair is a typical husband who is living the nest of his wife. Panikar is just opposite to it. Prakashan is a bachelor who is font off with girls. The other characters are stretched around these folks. The movie starts with the escape of Rekha & Maya from the mental hospital. mean while Omanakuttan nair & Panikar plans a tour for enjoyment. In the middle the girls manage to get in to their cars and they teases the two gents. All takes room in hotel. But the movie is very different in this thread. The girls passes time by talking & giggling with them. The story goes on like this. Mean while Seema (Rekha's sister) searches for her siblings. Innocent (police officer) helps her. You may find some humorous spots with innocent and his family. The girls skips from hands to hands. The movie climax in really funny. What makes it funny? what will happen to Rekha and Maya? Switch to full movie to explore it. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.