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Rage / Fureur (2003) - Trailer

il y a 5 ans|914 vues
Directed by : Karim Dridi
Produced by : ADR Productions
Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 1 h 47 min
French release: 16/04/2003
Production year: 2002

Paris, in the heart of the Chinese neighborhood. Manu, son of Spanish immigrants, is a young Thai boxing champion. His older brother, Rapha, gave up the sport to look after the family car mechanic business when their parents died. Rapha’s earnings keep the brothers afloat, thus leaving Manu free to pursue a promising career.
Chinh, a young Chinese woman who immigrated to France a few years back, is engaged to Tony, the rich heir of a Chinese family. Rapha and Chinh fall deeply in love with each other, driving Tony crazy with jealousy. An illegal match is staged between Noi and Manu during which Manu is killed. The two contestants didn’t know each other, but it transpires that Noi is Chinh’s brother.
Suddenly the relationship between the two young lovers is no longer possible. Rapha, swept along by his anger, seeks revenge. It’s just like in “Romeo and Juliette.” However, this time, love will triumph.

More info: http://en.unifrance.org/movie/23442/rage

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