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We Will Resist TSA & NSA Tyranny Infowars Contest

High Voltage News
6 years ago|9 views
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Eugene Cleapor Rountree III presents his first Movie Documentary via High Voltage Entertainment for submission into the "We will resist the NSA & TSA Tyranny" contest created by Alex Jones at I want to personally empower everyone alive to stand up against the created environment that has been thrust on us by criminals at the top of the globalist created bankster/corporate run heirarchy.

Your laws and your freedoms should be free from evil intent and they are GOD given in nature. The bill of rights is under attack and you are made to feel otherwise. Think for yourself and be free of them.

Do not just listen to spoon fed information, research and watch the actions and find those who are actually helping humanity and not doing so with a side affect of ill will. I trust Infowars and Prisonplanet for this reason. The drudge report and other journalists in the field that are not run by state run media will give you the real story. I can not stress this enough, think for yourself, do not be indoctrinated by anyone, and grace through faith is how discernment gives me a litmus test to cut through what is good and evil.

I do hope you enjoy my presentation against those who wish to enslave you, spy on you to keep you inline, and pit you against each other to eliminate competition to their sense of ownership of the world and everything in it.

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