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Pandemia = Devious Omen

il y a 12 ans45 views



Myspace = http://www.myspace.com/pandemia
Site officiel = http://www.pandemia.cz/
Label actuel = http://www.metalage.sk/web/

Ce groupe a sorti actuellement 3 démos et 3 albums, ce titre provient de l'album "Lost Demon" sortie en 2003 chez Lost Disciple.

July ‘95 Founding member of the band is Matthew - vocals, Alex - guitars, Jarda - bass, Pavel - drums.
September ‘95. After three months of rehearsing, the band record their first three song demo entitled “The Dust on the Eyes”.
November ‘96. Michal joins the band to take better care of the vocal parts.
January ‘97. “Dance in Vicious Circle” contains 5 songs of pure mid-tempo death metal. To promote this record, Pandemia plays live as much as possible.
April 97. Pandemia plays their first mini-tour in Czech and Slovak Republic together with Vader and Krabathor. Pavel leaves after this tour for his personal band. New drummer is Tom.
Bio trop longue pour tout mettre :(

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Pandemia = Devious Omen
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