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    Hemp Music - Universal Hemp Plant - Hemp The Environmentally Sustainable Alternative


    by Hemp4UnityTV

    "Hemp The Environmentally Sustainable Alternative"
    "Hemp Music"

    In the Key of "C"

    It's 5 feet deep and it's 12 feet tall,
    standing green in a field so proud.

    It's beauty and it's leaves, it's fibre and it's seeds
    inspires us to sing out loud.
    It's Cannabis Sativa, the hemp plant of old.
    It never was a threat to humankind.

    Growing seeds of nutritious worth
    and helping heal the Earth
    The stalk becomes a fibre so fine.
    You can wear the fibre's cloth

    You can eat the tasty seeds,
    crush the seeds for oil for food and fuel.

    Chop the fibres for good paper,
    rub the oil on your skin,

    And this is why we think that hemp's so cool.
    It's the UNIVERSAL HEMP PLANT, and it's really here to stay.

    Our choices come from us forever more

    They come from you, they come from me,
    as humans we can see,

    Hemp is how we start to end this war.

    Music by Buffy Sainte Marie (Caleb Music),
    used with permission

    Words by Robbie Anderman & Gabriella Mihalik

    Robbie Anderman - lead vocal, mountain dulcimer, quena flute, percussion
    Errol Francis - backup vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, percussion

    Special Thanks to

    The Hemp SeeDee

    Robbie Hanna Anderman

    Asoma Music Production

    Errol Starr Francis

    The Cool Hemp Company

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