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7 years ago|71 views

Causes of obesity from W8MD's 52 weeks of weight loss and wellness video series

As America leads the world in Obesity, let us find out what really causes our weight gain! Instead of blaming the victim, it is important to understand the true causes of weight gain including metabolic, hormonal, sleep, stress, emotional, nutritional and genetic factors for weight gain, the most important of which is insulin resistance.

As insulin is a body building hormone leading to upper body and abdominal weight gain, more insulin resistant one is, more weight gain happens! Studies have shown that up to 71 percent of the entire population of the United States have some degree of insulin resistance out of which 35 percent already have prediabetes!

Sumo wrestlers in Japan put themselves to a diet that causes insulin resistance so they can gain weight quickly and the current American diet, which is high in glycemic load with a lot of starchy foods, leads to weight gain! Understanding this forms the basis for an effectice strategy to try to lose weight fast and safe!
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