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    Monsieur Minimal - Heart Full Of Dreams Vocal version

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    Monsieur Minimal - Heart full of dreams vocal version
    Music :Monsieur Minimal
    Lyrics :Kid Galax
    Taken from the album Minimal to Maximal
    Label : The Sound of Everything
    Directed by Dimitrios Sylvestros
    Dancers: Anneta Staxtari & Konstantinos Rizos

    One year after the release of his third album "Minimal to Maximal" ,Monsieur Minimal and The Sound Of Everything celebrating the success of the double album with the release of a new dreamy music video to the most romantic song of the album "Heart full of dreams " in a new vocal version.
    Lyrics by kid Galax.
    The song is out in all digital music stores from The Sound Of Everything and the music video is directed by Dimitris Sylvestros and sponsored by the Wish (sugar free and natural chocolate).
    Dancers: Anneta Staxtari & Konstantinos Rizos

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