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    Katy Perry On Fire in "Unconditionally" Music Video!


    by ClevverMusic

    Katy Perry releases "Unconditionally" music video!
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    Katy Perry is on fire (literally) and shatters a car in her "Unconditionally" music video! Katycats thanks for checking in with your music news on ClevverMusic. Singer Katy Perry has opted for sophistication and symbolism in her brand new artistic "Unconditionally" music video which sees her play with the four elements. She teased us the video would be filled with "Beauty and glamour" and indeed it is. The "Unconditionally" video begins with images of a regal couple torn apart, and Katy appears in the snow. Wearing a white seeming wedding gown and pearls Katy passionately sings the ballad's lyrics. The main setting of the video is then revealed, a royal ballroom in an unknown era filled with exquisite dancers. But, they don't notice Katy in the midst of their ball. The video sees shots of the dancers continuing on out in the snow, and Katy sings in front of a chandelier with large statement cross earrings. The climax of the video begins with Katy releasing an owl (Hedwig?!) and the bird flies into an elegant bedroom where the bed lights on fire. It seems Katy has started this fire, because she too is engulfed in flames. The dancers start to slow in freeze frames as we see a family in a living room looking distraught. Katy rushes into the bedroom but the bed has disappeared and a car shatters on her back, while flowers spurt out of her. In the end Katy seems to wake up after saying goodbye to tragedy and lost love. She explained the incomplete narrative in the video to MTV News as, "...a beautiful video that is supposed to evoke this power of love." Speaking of love, Katy has said the song is inspired partly by boyfriend John Mayer, but sadly, he makes no cameo in the video. Tell us what you think Katy is trying to say in this video- leave a comment! And keep it here on ClevverMusic for more pop music goodness. I'm your host Misty Kingma see you later Katycats. - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us! - Follow Misty!