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#AAHM (Dubai Mix) [Cover Art] - Jack & Joy vs Menini & Viani ft Greg Stainer

If Jack & Joy and Menini & Viani join forces, you better keep an eye on them.

The team behind successful tracks like Ankamassa/It's On Tonight and Mexican (Music Week Club Chart toppers as #1 and #2) is back with a true tribute to Club Culture.

During the last year, the crazy buzz around their names led them to international collaborations: Jack & Joy, official remixers for Vocal, (the new single of legendary Pet Shop Boys) and Menini & Viani involved into one of the most succesful pop summer projects, Jutty Ranx (remixing the single I See You and the follow up Hello).

J&J and M&V put together a thumping track with a simple powerful claim using the voice of Greg Stainer (UK dj resident in Dubai): It's...All About House Music. #AAHM is all about groovy rhythms and nasty bassline on a 4/4 beat.

During last summer #AAHM release hit #1 of Traxsource Tech House Chart, it peaked also #8 into DMC Buzz Chart and entered French Buzz Chart.

JACK & JOY vs MENINI & VIANI ft GREG STAINER #AAHM (All About House Music)

Produced by Jack & Joy, Menini & Viani & Greg Stainer
Vocals performed by Greg Stainer
Executive producer: The Big Man Restless
C 2013 Adaptor Recordings
P 2013 Paolo Dughero Ed. Musicali

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