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    Lady Gaga Spoofs Madonna "Express Yourself" VS "Born This Way" on SNL


    by ClevverMusic

    Lady Gaga fuels Madonna feud with SNL spoof!
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    Lady Gaga bravely spoofs Madonna's "Express Yourself" on Saturday Night Live! Hey Little Monsters, welcome home to ClevverMusic. Happy Monday! Lady Gaga impressively hosted and performed for the first time on SNL this Saturday, November 16th. She's receiving rave reviews for her performances and possibly her most controversial skit was the one where she poked fun at Madonna's assertions that Gaga copied her song "Express Yourself". In an infomercial skit, a faux Counting Crows lead singer introduced a brand new "WHAAAT? Worst Cover Songs Of All Time" compilation CD. The songs included Rick Ross covering the song "Cups" from Pitch Perfect, Britney Spears covering Leonard Cohen's classic "Hallelujah" and of course Lady Gaga covering Madonna's "Express Yourself". Except Mother Monster was actually singing her hit song "Born This Way". Get the joke? During Madonna's recent MDNA tour she publicly acknowledged and sang Gaga's "Born This Way" song mashed with her song "Express Yourself" because she believes it's a copycat track. She also called Gaga's music "reductive" if you recall. So it seems Gaga is finally hitting Madonna back with a little taste of her own medicine. Gaga has admitted in the past that Madonna has influenced her work, but never admitted to copying the song. To us, that controversy is over and done with and doesn't need to be brought up again. So why did Gaga do it? You tell us what you think? And do you think the two pop stars will ever make up? This is ClevverMusic, thanks so much for watching. I'm Misty Kingma and you're awesome, don't forget that. - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us! - Follow Misty!