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Happiness in corporate strategy (english version) - World Forum Lille 24 oct 2013

Podacst of the World Forum Lille CSR Lab Conference: "The importance of happiness in corporate strategy"

What are the leverage points and business models that can accelerate a ‘New Economy’ and deliver sustainable well-being and happiness to societies?

If we consider the economy as a complex system of organisations, people and interactions, there are many different ways to introduce change into the system. The most powerful points, where a small change can cause a large shift in a system, are called leverage points. There is a global emergence of ‘New Economics’ thinking and initiatives, which propose a wide variety of these leverage points within the existing economic system. This session will explore the global map of New Economics thinking and the leverage points particularly relevant for the business sector. Specific examples among others include the B-Team initiative, co-founded by Sir Richard Branson to illustrate company choices of leverage points, their rationale for choosing those particular points and their expected outcomes for a sustainable future.

Moderated by: Isabel Sebastian, PHD Researcher and Prof. Stuart White, Director, Institute for Sustainable Futures (Australia)
Diane Osgood, Director Business Innovation, Virgin Unite (UK)
Alexandre Gerard, Inov-On (France)

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Vidéos à découvrir