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    Jonas Brothers Career Highlights - A Look Back in Time: Top 5 Fridays


    by ClevverTV

    We are still bummed that the Jonas Brothers are officially calling it quits. This week, we're taking a look back at some of their top career moments.
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    Happy Friday everyone! -- It's time for another Top 5. -- If you're still devastated about the news that the Jonas Brothers are officially over, have no fear. We're recounting some of our favorite JoBro moments so we can make it to another day. -- Take that frown and turn it upside down. -- Seriously, we're huge fans of the guys, so let's celebrate the class and style that they're sending off the group in.
    At number 5, it's all about the band's ridiculously amazing fashion phases. From the first album, It's About Time, when the guys wore Ed Hardy everything to the later self-titled album "prom" styling, we can't get enough of the brothers fashion.-- And neither could the media because you've got to be hot in music and fashion to rock the cover of Rolling Stones like they more than once. -- Oh, and don't forget about Kevin and Joe's perfectly straight hair and Nick's super voluminous style. -- Isn't it fun to rewind back?? #SexyNow.
    Up next, of course, we're gonna talk music. The guys have sold more than 20-million albums -- it's insanely impressive, go JoBros! -- and they've embarked on several tours since their 2007 SOS breakout hit. Right now, we want to zero in on some of the standout stage moments from their Grammy nomination for Best New Artist in 2008 to performing Superstition with The Stevie Wonder -- I bet that's a highlight from the trio as musicians! -- plus, we got to see some fun collaborations, like with Taylor Swift in their concert movie and what about when Miley Cyrus kicked off their opening night of a tour. We're still proud of Joe for not skipping a performance beat at the AMAs when he tripped on stage. -- These guys are professionals!
    Number 3 on our list of standout Jonas Brother moments -- ACTING -- you got it, we grew up with these guys on the Disney Channel, from their debut on Hannah Montana to the uber popular Camp Rock. -- Oh-em-J! Jemi was amazing! -- And speaking of Oh-em-J, when the JoBros were in that skit with Jimmy Fallon more recently, we were reminded of all of their acting goodness. -- EW! -- and shoutout to Nick for heading to Broadway too which brings us to our runner-up Jonas Brothers moment.
    The Jonas Brothers as a group are only as strong as their weakest link, and lucky for everyone, each guy is pretty darn talented. -- Go solo, go solo, go solo, go solo -- and yes, while the brothers officially announced that they'd be focusing on their solo careers, they were each able to explore something as an individual during the JoBro days. -- Nick found Broadway, Kevin found his E! reality show and Joe, well, he found a black leotard and a song called Single Ladies. -- Up next, Nick plans to work on music, Joe will have his own new sound as well while Kevin will focus on business.
    And now we've made it to our number-1 Jonas Brothers moment on the Top 5. It's that time that the band stopped by our studio for an interview. -- Just kidding. That never happened -- although Joslyn and I definitely went to show our support at a concert just before the breakup. -- We love that the Jonas Brothers put being brothers ahead of everything else. -- Like the trio said: at the end of the day, they're brothers first and foremost. And being brothers is what the Jonas Brothers are all about. They've grown up as a family, just kids from New Jersey, and now they're ready to venture out, still supporting each other as brothers, but simply on their own. -- We cannot be any more excited to see what's next for Kevin, Joe and Nick, what about you? -- Leave your parting message for the JoBros in the comments section below -- and let us know what Top 5 Friday you'd like to see us take on next. And shoutout to Lisa Hiser for being the ultimate JoBro fan! -- I'm Dana Ward, thanks for tuning into ClevverTV.

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