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    We're rounding up all the Monstrous news from the world of Lady Gaga this week including new "Venus" song lyrics, a Muppet update, and a whole lot more. This is What's Up With Gaga- welcome back to ClevverMusic my Little Monsters. There's so much going on with Gaga this week, due to the fact that she is in full ARTPOP promo mode. The album drops November 11 and Gaga's been busy! At the beginning of the week she revealed in a Twitter Q&A that she's already working on an ARTPOP sequel album dubbed "ACT TWO"! Also revealed in the fan chat was new song "Brooklyn Nights" will be released as a bonus song on the ARTPOP app sometime in the near future. On October 15 Gaga released a 12 second teaser of new dance song G.U.Y. which stands for Girl Under You. Gaga is partly speak talking in the teaser before the chorus chimes in, "I wanna be that guy G.U.Y.". And speaking of new ARTPOP songs we also got a snippet of her R. Kelly duet "Do What U Want" via a Best Buy Beats commercial! This song is sure to be a big hit, hearing a funky upbeat tune with unapologetic lyrics, "Do what you want, what you want with my body/ Write what you want, say what you want about me". R Kelly and Gaga go surprisingly well together! And what else goes well with Gaga? The Muppets. It was leaked this week that Gaga has filmed a Holiday special with the Muppets for ABC, which will air on Thanksgiving night November 28th. The special is called Lady Gaga & The Muppet's Holiday Spectacular and will see them team up for Gaga's hits with special guests Elton John, Joseph Gordon Levitt and RuPaul! Seems Gaga has been having some fun lately! But according to Instagram she may be unwell. Gaga hilariously tweeted a message from the social media site saying they were "concerned" with her well-being after some posts she made on Instagram. Likely they were those emotional "Dope" song lyrics from earlier in the week, and we can see why they would be confused. And speaking of lyrics today we got some new "Venus" lyrics- Gaga's second ARTPOP single. She tweeted, "I can't help the way I'm feelin/ Goddess of Love please take me to your leader!" Hence, we cannot wait for this music video to drop sometime soon! Last, let's shout out our two Little Monsters of the week: Rowan Middleton @RowMids that you so much for your tweets and also Antoine @ART_of_ANTOINE thanks for being an awesome Little Monster. That's it this week my friends keep it here on ClevverMusic every day for more, you know the drill. I'm Misty Monster have a great weekend! - Follow Misty!