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    RIVULETS- "How, Who" - Official Music Video

    Adam Barnick

    by Adam Barnick

    Singer/Songwriter: Nathan Amundson

    Director/Editor: Adam Barnick

    Director of Photography: Dominick Sivilli

    Producers: Jessica Luhrssen, Jeremiah Kipp, Adam Barnick

    Cast: Nathan Amundson, Edmundo Santos, Jerry Murdock, Mark Coffin, John Presnell

    Singer/songwriter Nathan Amundson aka Rivulets and director Adam Barnick, for their second collaboration together, actually take a step back into Nathan's catalog for a video from his debut album RIVULETS, from 2002(!). Leaving modern trappings behind, the video quietly, creepily makes its way through a slightly abstract funeral procession in Civil War-era America.

    "How, Who" is a deliberate, haunting song that softly works its way under your skin, and Barnick matches that, avoiding the kinetic style of most music videos for a chillingly cold black-and-white universe, with visuals that tip their hat to past genre work such as Dreyer's VAMPYR and classic Universal Horror.