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    Mughal Carpet Garners $7.7 Million at Auction

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    An exceptionally rare Mughal rug landed $7.7 million at an auction in London.

    How much would you pay to own something from the Mughal era?

    In one recent report, a carpet sold for well over the price of a luxurious mansion at an auction in London.

    The exceptionally rare Mughal rug landed $7.7 million.

    The auctioneer behind the sale, Christie’s didn’t release any information to the public concerning the buyer but it was confirmed that the carpet dates from the late 17th or early 18th century. Derived from fine cashmere wool, Christie’s claims the recently sold rug is one of only 12 in existence today.

    As for the design element, the carpet has black knotted narrow decorative designs on the edge of the border set against a deep red pattern. Among the previous owners was the American industrialist Cornelius Vanderbilt II

    It had reportedly hung in the family mansion for more than a century. The Mughal carpet has quite a track history. When it was sold in 1989, it landed a world record price for any carpet at auction.