MENART 5822 SPMC windrow turner

  • il y a 11 ans
Ménart windrow turners benefit from the most elaborate, complete and efficienttechnology and have been successfully tested with all types of materials: green waste, household waste, polluted soil, agro-industrial waste, animal evacuation,…
The MENART SPM windrow turners are automotive and come equipped with a powerful engine and an ergonomic cabin. Robust, they are used for the treatment and recycling of all types of waste in the most extreme conditions.
MENART has greatly diversified its range of automotive turners and now offers the largest range on the market. Our clients are guaranteed to find the turner which suits them best in terms of both size and power.
- powerful and robust
- high work capacity
- compact and manoeuvrable
- easy servicing
- securely moved via platform
- usable on all terrains