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    Wochit Headline News

    by Wochit Headline News

    The Chinese e-commerce giant continues its U.S. push ahead of its planned IPO.
    BOISE, Idaho (Reuters) - As serious as the effects of the government shutdown are on the economy, the potential of defaulting on U.S. government debt if lawmakers do not raise the federal borrowing...
    ATHENS, Greece (AP) - Greece says it is due to meet a key deficit-cutting target this year, but the International Monetary Fund warned the country may be forced to make new spending cuts.
    ROME (Reuters) - Italy said on Thursday it will join a rescue plan for Alitalia through an investment by the state-owned postal service as long as the company adopts a new strategy and the other shareholders agree to do their part, a government statement said. "The government sees Alitalia as a strategic asset, but not without conditions: profound revisions to the industrial plan are necessary and a new strategy must be adopted rapidly," the statement said. The statement underscored synergies between the airline and the postal service in logistics and cargo transport. ...